Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to know when you're TOO into a game....

So, I had a dream last night.... and can you guess what it was about? Yep, Marvel War of Heroes. lol. But as far as nerd fest dreams go, it was a good one. lol

I was a hacker, and hacked my way into the Mobage server. I didn't give myself all the best cards or a billion Mobage coins. What I did was even more genius than that. I went into the missions, mission 2-1. I changed it so that all normal chests gave Level Up ISO-8 cards, and the silver and gold chests gave Ability Up ISO-8 cards. The coin was set to 1000-1500. Within a few hours (guessing, as I know I noticed my energy recharge a few times) I had EVERY card in my roster fully boosted, and all with level 5-10 abilities (depending on the importance of the card)

I was trading the Ability Up ISO's to a few choice people (Im guessing people I trusted not to ask how I got so many of them) for everything you can imagine. Some of the most notable trades I made (or at least those I remember) were trading 15 Ability Up ISO's for 1 fully maxed/mastered Magneto+, 10 Ability Ups for 2 properly fused, maxed, and mastered Legendary Spidermans, and the one that stuck out the most for me, 30 Ability Up ISO's for 3 properly fused, maxed and mastered UR Captain Americas.

Like I said, you know you are way too into a game when you have intense, detailed dreams like that. lol. Just wanted to share with the world.....

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