Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Beginners Guide for Marvel War of Heroes

  • don't worry about trying to further yourself in missions. Farm the lower level missions for cards to use for feeders to boost your main cards and to sell for silver, and resources to complete the Storm's Cape collection and get your 2 Rare Storm cards and 1 ISO 8 booster card. (The ISO 8 card will raise any card's level by at least 2). 
  • always do the missions that give you the chance to score Uncommon cards with abilities, such as Wolverine, Iron Man, or Ghost Rider. My suggestion is to farm mission 2-3 and 2-4 (which uses 1 energy) and mission 4-3 (which uses 3 energy) over and over whenever you have the energy (remember energy recovers every minute) Save the Uncommon cards you win, and sell the random commons you win for extra silver. When you have 10 of these Uncommon cards, use them to boost your main card, therefore getting the maximum amount of boost for the least amount of coin, and also giving yourself a 40% chance to level up your main card's ability (If it has one) which is important as the higher the level of the ability, the better chance it has of being activated during a battle.
  • always make sure to have the maximum number of allies that you can at your level. You start off with the ability to have 5 allies. Make SURE to get all 5 of those, as each ally you gain gives you 5 attribute points you can use to raise your energy, attack, or defense. At this point, dont worry too much about WHO you have as an ally, just make sure you have your max number of them. Later, you'll wanna try and get allies that have stronger main cards to help you with mission bosses. 
  • use your attribute points to raise your energy 1st and foremost. my suggestion is for every 5 points you can add, use 3 in energy, and 1 each for attack and defense. Do this until you have around 75-80 energy. (this will allow you to typically level up once every time your energy bar is full up until around level 10-12) It also helps with certain events in which you'll need to do missions in order to earn rewards and will also help with your farming of the lower level missions (75 energy equals roughly 20 cards and 3-4 resources, 3-4 of those cards being Uncommons you can use for boosting)
  • join an alliance, as soon as you can!!! These are important for a few reasons. Mainly for events in which alliances battle for rewards. But also, after 2 weeks of being in an alliance, you can start to trade with other members who have also been there 2 weeks, and possibly gain some better cards. Lastly, you can donate extra resources to the alliance. This is very helpful once you've completed a collection 3 times, as you can get rid of these extra resources, thus taking the target off your back so to speak, since people will target resources when they battle, and since you wont have any, you are less likely to be attacked, so less likely to lose your precious silver (which isn't the easiest thing to earn)
  • When you battle bosses at the end of a mission, you win 1 each of the following: Personal Energy Pack, Personal Power Pack, and [Level Up] ISO-8. SAVE THESE!!! Don't be tempted to use these right away. You WILL need these during events, and you can only get them by beating bosses and from certain events. You'll wanna save the ISO-8 til you have 5 or more, and a really good main card (Rare or better) so that you can level it up quickly for cheap.
  • whether you wanna battle or not, make sure you make a battle deck using your top 5 best cards, and set it as your primary deck. Randomly as you do missions, you will get a mastery bonus, which will raise the mastery of one of the cards in your primary battle deck by the number of energy you use for that mission (so if you do mission 2-4, you'll earn 1 mastery point) Mastery is important as it will earn your card an bonus to its attack and defense once you have fully mastered that card.
  • rally rally rally!!! whether its your allies, or just random people in game, rally as many people as you can every day. You earn rally points for every person you rally, and extra points every time you send a message with your rally. For every 200 rally points you earn, you can trade them in for a Rally Card pack, which gives you one free card (varying from commons to SR cards, though Rare and SR cards are few and far between) Patience is a virtue.... save your rally points til you have 2000, then trade in for 10 rally cards at once. From my experience, your odds of getting a Rare or better go up when you do groups of 10. For example, my last 10 pack Rally draw, I pulled both a Rare Dr Octopus and a [Nova Corps] Nova. The best place to find people to rally is your home page. You can rally the new comers to the game from there, and every time you return to your home page, there will be a new player you can rally. You only get a total of 10 rally points for rallying non allies, but trust me, it adds up pretty quickly.
  • make sure to log in EVERY DAY, as you earn 5000 silver and 400 Rally points each day that you log in.
  • make sure to complete your initial assignments (you can find them in you menu) as soon as possible. Completing them will net you certain rewards. Drawing one Rally Card will net you 2000 Rally points. Boosting one card nets you 50,000 silver. Fighting in one battle, 1 Power Pack. Finishing Operation 2, 1 Energy Pack. Sending out 1 ally request, 2000 Rally Points. 
  • when you reach levels 10, 20, and 30, you receive 1 Ultimate Card Pack Ticket. These allow you to draw one Ultimate Card Pack, which contain nothing less than a Rare card, and can net you SR, and even UR cards. Levels 15 and 25 will raise the number of cards you can hold by 5 each, which is important when you're farming cards.
  • this site is perfect for all your questions pertaining to whats what in the game. It also describes certain special combos you can do in battles, and has a full, and typically up to date list of all the cards in game, with pictures. 
  • If you find this helpful, then my work here is done. If you are brand new to the game, and have yet to use anyone's referral code (before December 11th) feel free to use mine to net yourself a Rare Black Widow card to help start you off. After December 11th, you will only be able to enter a referral code upon completion of the tutorial. My code is: uwj313997

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