Thursday, December 13, 2012

My thoughts on the new X-Men Event in WoH

Ok, so Marvel: War of Heroes started a new event, X-Men. Basic overview, you do new side quests, and randomly (and by randomly I mean 3 outta 5 times) a "boss" will show up, either Juggernaut or Magneto, at varying levels, which you have to battle. You can call for support from team members. You win varying amounts of Iso-8 shards, green and/or red, that can be traded in for various prizes like silver, rally points, energy packs, and even a few new cards.

1st, I'll talk about the quests themselves. Same base principle as normal quests. You start off level 1, costing 1 energy, giving 1 xp, and 20-30 silver. Nothing overly exciting. You tend to run into bosses nearly every time you do a mission, which is fine in the early stages, seeing as you recieve alot of the personal packs to restore your Atk via beating bosses and trading in green iso-8 shards, plus by reaching various raid ranks. All in all, in the beginning, its fairly decent, and simple goings. Once you finish with the raid ranking rewards though, it tends to get alot harder. Unless you already have loads of personal power packs saved up, you'll be hard pressed to keep up with the number of bosses that will pop up, not to mention the support requests from your team mates. You may find yourself failing more than a few of these boss battles due to a lack of attack power to fight with. Especially when you get to the level 200+ Magneto, who you'll need to attack, even with a deck filled full of maxed raider cards like mine, at least 5 or 6 times in the 1 hour time limit. Without help, or loads of personal power packs, this proves to be impossible.

On to the iso-8 shard trade in. In the last event, you were able to trade in 3 shards for cards, and I personally won my [Optics Captain] Cyclops that I now use in my Attack deck, as well as a few other Rare cards that I've either put to use or been able to trade off for cards I needed/wanted. This time around, they've gone back to the 10 shard per trade in that we had during the Avengers event. But this time, they have changed it so that you no longer receive random cards, instead its a random assortment of other things. For green iso-8 shards, you can get silver, power kits (gives you half your att/def power back), rally points, [Level Up] Iso-8 cards, and Vibrainium cards. For Red, the same, plus Power Packs and Energy Packs. The only real cards you have a shot at winning come from the red iso-8 shards, and those are the [Wind-Rider] Storm and the [Psychic Katana] Psylocke.

Now, I've personally traded in THOUSANDS of red shards, and to date, have pulled only 1 Storm card. Now, on the flip side, I have also gotten thousands upon thousands of rally points, and have in turn traded those in for rally packs and pulled quite a few decent rares (some that I have, but know I can trade).
Ive also made hundreds of thousands worth of coin via pulling coin from the isos, selling Vibrainium, and selling off the commons that I got from rally packs, which I have been able to use to max out a few of my cards where I was unable to up til now due to a lack of silver. So while I may not be gaining new cards to improve my deck, I HAVE improved my deck via boosting/fusing, so I'm rather 50/50 on my thoughts on the whole iso trade in.

As a whole, I will say this event FAR outshines the previous event, by leaps and bounds. But personally I think it may not live up to the Avengers event status, though I do like the prizes this time around (the ranking awards that will be given out after the event ends) Im really hoping to keep on the pace Im on and end up with 2 of the Juggernauts.

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