Monday, December 31, 2012

Thoughts on S.H.I.E.L.D Enforcement Training 2

As disappointing as the 1st Enforcement Training was for me, this 2nd go around is doubly so. The whole dynamic of the event is dull, drab, and unexciting. Sure, battling without the risk of losing silver is cool. And the feeling of dominance when you take out a Defensive leader is all well and good, but the "meat" of the event, as it were, is less porterhouse steak and more bologna.

For starters, the "prizes" are junk, in my personal opinion. I mean, do we REALLY need another Speed Spiderman??? We JUST got a new Spiderman card handed to us for Christmas, and now the very next event they make the top reward another one?? I am glad to see Emma Frost finally get herself into the game, though I think she could/should have had a better ability. And then the rare prize is another Mr Fantastic.... oh boy.... That prize only makes you wanna do mildly better than ok just so you DONT get stuck with it....

The shard exchange.... ugh.... I swear, you have a better chance of pulling something good from a Rally pack than you do from shards this time around. I personally have pulled MANY times from the exchange, and have to show for it (best cards) an ISO-8 card, half a dozen Vibrainium cards, a hand full of "common rare" villians, and more uncommons than I think I've had in my entire time of playing.... I constantly see, every time I go to trade in Rally Points, the listing of people pulling SR cards from shards, and often wonder just how in the fuck they manage to do that while I, and most of the people I talk to, continue to pull junk.

The ONLY thing I think I agree with and like about the event is the fact that the top prizes from the last event are NOT assault cards (ie Magneto and Juggernaut). Many people are complaining about that, but, least in my opinion, it makes sense. If you let those cards be assault cards, you basically give the advantage to the SAME people that won the last event, and you end up with the same people, over and over, winning. Its not fair for the rest of the people, and for Mobage, it would more than likely mean alot of people quitting the game, which means loss of revenue.

Overall..... the event blows. Unless you want to spend mass amounts of real money to buy power packs, you're limited to how many times you can attack, which limits how many valor points you can earn, which in turn means your ranking will never be more than best. Enforcement training is basically a way to trick people into buying PPs and feeding Mobage money in hopes of a "prize" that tbh isnt worth winning. I wont be spending my money on this event, and will be more than happy with the Emma Frosts that I will more than likely win.

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