Thursday, December 27, 2012

War of Heroes Wishlist Variants

Since Mobage seems to LOVE bringing out 101 different versions of the same characters (ie, the new Spiderman set to be released as a reward for the new Enforcement Training) I thought why not go ahead and get started on the second versions of some of my wishlist characters. Save Mobage some time.

(the card I personally think we should have had instead of ANOTHER Cyclops)

(I expect we'll see this during a future Spiderman Event)

(Also expect to see this during a Spiderman Event)

(SSR because I figured making it UR and fusable to Legendary was too obvious)

Sub Mariner
(Just because I personally like him)

Dr Doom
(Mark my words.... You WILL see almost this exact same card sometime in the near future!)


(Can't believe we dont already have this one)

Black Suit Spiderman
(I think Bruiser fans should be able to play Spiderman too!)


Beta Ray Bill
(Why? Because anyone worthy of lifting Mjolnir is worthy of being an SR)


  1. Great blog! Love your card picks! I'm hoping a lot more Spider-man related villains appear like Lizard, Rhino, Mysterio, Scorpion, Shocker and of course the two main symbiotes Carnage and Venom :)

  2. Yes. They mention the Sinster Six during the lower missions, so only makes sense to bring out the other members. And the oversight of having a Venom card is just ridiculous. I mean, they have Morbius, and Baron, but not Venom???

  3. God for some reason I keep pulling Morbius like crazy! in fact, I'm pulling a rare almost every time I use a card pack now :/
    Anyways, yeah that would be awesome! Really hoping for a Spidey event next!

  4. Oh jeez, Morbius. Him and Nova are my pulls, constantly. Everytime I pull one now, I just feed them to Juggernaut. :P

  5. Shouldnt carnage be stronger than venom, even spidey needs venom help and sonic weaponry to take down carnage

  6. Carnage may be stronger, but Venom is the more popular of the 2 characters.... thats the main reason I envision him as a UR. And I'm willing to bet that when Mobage does a Spidey event, you'll see Venom and not Carnage as the main raid boss and top teir prize.

  7. They have done most of those. Carnage, Thanos, Beta Ray Bill, Gambit just came out, and yes Deadpool is UR to Legendary