Sunday, December 9, 2012

Marvel: War of Heroes new card wish list....

I don't know how others feel, but I personally am rather tired of seeing the same characters re-released time and time again. I mean seriously, how many Wolverine or Hulk cards do we need? I'm a Captain America fan but even I don't think the game needs 3 different versions of him, especially where there are SO many other great heroes and villians out there....

So with that said, I spent a bit of my time creating some new cards.... a wish list if you will.... that I would love to see added into the game in time. All I've done is take existing art, that is not mine I'll add, and overlapped it with the card border of the class I thought best suited the character type. I didn't and wont bother thinking up ATK or DEF or even abilities for these cards. This was just mainly a boredom killer, as well as a hope on hope for cards I'd like to see.... 

Lets start with the Heroes:

Kitty Pryde

Wonder Man


Professor X

Sub Mariner



Black Knight

Bucky Barnes (Not every new card has to be Rare or higher)

Now lets get to some new Villians:

Dr Doom

Red Skull



Super Skrull


Baron Zemo


Emma Frost

Lady Deathstrike


The Destroyer


The Lizard


Absorbing Man

 Like I said, these are just some of the Marvel characters I'd like to see made into new cards, rather than having a 4th She Hulk or 300th Wolverine card... 

If you have any others you can think of that you'd like to see, let me know in the comments. I'll do up a card for it. Who knows.... maybe, just MAYBE, someone from Mobage will see this and get some ideas....


Me thinks that Mobage IS paying attention.... check this out....

Look familiar? Maybe like the Professor X I came up with a few days ago???

I mean, right down to being a Tactics SSR..... creepy huh? Well.... we can only hope that some of the others will show up as well....


  1. Why did you list Domino and Deadpool as villains?

    I can't help but believe they are going to have a Dr. Doom event soon. He's just too great of a villain to not include as a special card.

    I'd also love to see Cable, Warpath, and Shatterstar, so I could build an original X-Force deck :)

  2. Not really sure how Domino got down in the villians area, but Deadpool... well, I like my Deadpool as a villian, dammit! lol

    As far as Dr Doom.... I expect we will see a Fantastic Four event in the near future. We've had Avengers and now X-Men.... it only makes sense to have a Fantastic Four event and introduce Dr Doom, and perhaps Super Skrull and other new cards.

    And yes, I didn't even fully think of X-Force. I need to get on that and make a few new cards I think...

  3. Nice blog... They have also seen the Bucky Barnes idea and created a similar card for him.

  4. I saw that this morning. Not too keen on the ability, and wouldn't have had him as a rare but still. Lol. I think mobage is scouting my blog. Haha

  5. They made a super skrull similar to yours... That's crazy but I really like your ideas