Friday, December 28, 2012

Mobage is watching me!!!

Ok, maybe not really watching me, but at the least they have probes scanning my brainwaves and taking ideas. Dont believe me, just look....

On the left, the wishlist card I made WEEKS ago. On the right, the raider card they put out for the X-Men event. Hmmmmmm

Bucky Barnes! I mean come on. Seriously, how else would they come up with the idea to add HIM above everyone else???

Wrecker..... an assault card for the current Enforcement Training. Again, WHO would think to add HIM as an assault card!?

Emma Frost.... ok so MAYBE alot of people have been saying they wanted this, but still. She was one of the 1st wishlist cards I made, and now lookie lookie.... there she is!

Ok, so maybe Mobage isn't really bugging my brain for ideas, but still.... Here's hoping they continue this trend, and start bringing some of the characters we all REALLY wanna see.....


  1. Haha they all turned out to be tactics. And the Bucky Barnes and Wrecker is wayyy too big of a coincidence.

  2. Exactly! I mean, ok MAYBE I could see Wrecker... I mean, he IS one of the bosses you battle alot in Marvel Alliance on Facebook.... but Bucky? COME ON!!! lol

    and making Wrecker a tactics card? Idk what they were thinking there. He's not the brightest of people.... thats like making Quicksilver as a Bruiser. lol

  3. Haven't played that but yes, I don't know where they got off on putting Bucky in the mix when there are still a lot of other characters that need to appear.

    Yeah, he doesn't deserve hanging in the ranks of Magneto, Ironman and the captain himself!