Monday, December 17, 2012

My "Ideal" Marvel War of Heroes Deck

THIS is the deck I personally aspire to use, eventually. Fully maxed and mastered properly for maximum hit, as well as AT LEAST level 5 abilities for each. As you can see, its mainly a Bruiser deck, with Nick Fury tossed into the mix mainly for his ability, and his high Attack when properly boosted and mastered.

I personally love the ability of the new invitation reward card, Jean Grey. Remarkably degrading ATK and DEF of ALL opponents cards? Plus, when fully boosted and mastered (and I mean at each tier) she packs a mean punch. I'm currently building mine up, and trust me, its takes ALOT of time to fully master each and every card. Just think, you are technically maxing and mastering 7 cards, as you have to master and max each of the 4 Rare cards, then fuse to make your SR, which you then have to fully max and master, then fuse that with a Rare, making your SSR, which you have to fully max and master, and then finally one last fusion, making your UR card, which you once again must fully max and master. Like I said, ALOT of time. But worth it, in the end. 

Thor and Cyclops are in there because of their abilities and high ATK. Both boost the ATK of Bruiser cards, which works well seeing as this deck runs 4 of them. 

And that bring us to the villian of the deck, Ultron. While the other 4 cards were easy to pick out, this one I had to debate. I ran thru a few other Bruiser cards, but the majority of the ones whose ATK stacked up with the rest of the deck have abilities that only help themselves, or ones that target DEF of certain types of cards. With Ultron, you have the ability to Remarkably degrade the ATK and DEF of all opponents cards, just like Jean Grey. With a high enough ability level on both cards, they would decimate the DEF of a deck. 

All in all, for a Bruiser fan like me, this is THE deck, well in my opinion at least. And since this is my blog, I suppose thats the important opinion, right? ;)

UPDATE 12/25

I was asked what my ideal DEF deck would be.... so here it is:

I wont go thru the details as to WHY this is my ideal DEF deck. I figure thats rather obvious. lol.

Also, to update the ATK deck, Fury would be replaced by Juggernaut, and Jean, much as I love her and her ability, would be replaced by [Adamantium Claws] Wolverine+ because his maxed out ATK, plus the bonus his ability gives him packs more of a punch than Jean, even with her ability. Plus seeing as I already have Ultron, theres no need for 2 cards that degrade defense. 


  1. I like the idea behind your deck, and it certainly seems realistic that you could actually get this deck together without dropping a bunch of cash, or some miracle occurring. However I wanted to point out that to fully max a Jean Grey it would take 8 Jean Greys, for a total of 15 cards to max. That being said, from what I have seen with black widow, the 4-7 method won't be to far off in power from a 100% maxed version. I assume this is your ideal attack deck, so now I'm curious to see what your ideal defense deck would be...

  2. ideal defense deck..... hmmmmmmm. That I'll have to give some thought to... lol. And yea, I thought about the Jean maxing after writing it. Had a hard enough time though just getting the cards I got, so dont know that I would push it. lol. And already I have changed up this deck, as I have taken Nick out, and added.... the Juggernaut! lol. Why? Cuz he's the Juggernaut, bitch! lol